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Body Positivity Magazine

All people deserve to have a positive body image, despite the consequences of society and culture view ideal shape, size and look. There are different goals of the body positivity movements that include, but not limited to:

  • Help people building their confidence and acceptance of own bodies
  • Concentrate on impractical body standards
  • Promoting the acceptance of all bodies
  • Challenging how society views the body

It is not just about the challenges how society views everyone, based upon their physical size, shape and figure type. Not to mention some complexities in society that is often made based on gender, sexuality, disability and race.

Badass Nation is a popular body positivity magazine – published or e-subscriptions are offered to help people understand how popular media messages contribute to the relationship that people have with their bodies and how they feel about their fashion clothing, lifestyle, food habits and even everything include self care.

Our magazine is for plus size, curvy women, and people living with disabilities, LGBTS and those, who are feeling alone. Badass Nation is a Fashion and empowerment magazine exclusively for communities inspiring body positivity. We are here to spread self-love and help the communities to embrace themselves in the most fun, fashionable and creative way! We are inspired by Body Positive Movement. Badass Nation foresees to re-image body positive towards all the unconventional communities who are often body-shamed. Our empowerment comes with Fashion, Fun and Excitement.

E-subscription for body positivity magazine is available to browse it on your favorite and preferred device.

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