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E-magazine for Curvy Women

Magazine for Curvy Women – Subscribe Now or Get Hard Copy

Badass Nation ( is not just a magazine for curvy women, but a platform, from where they will get details about trendy clothing, the ways of changes in lifestyle, motivational articles and experiences of experts and will be free to share their thoughts through reviews. E-Magazine subscription provided to these magazines is the freedom of sharing their thoughts, ideas and getting something new and creative from those, who are inspiring them to live the life in their own way.

The popular e magazine for women is available offline too that you can get delivered on your address. For this, simply fill in online details and the hard copy will be at your doorstep. E-magazine for women – mainly for curvy women is ideal to browse anywhere and anytime in their devices that include Smartphones, tabs and laptops/desktops.

E-Magazine Subscriptions by Badass Nation

Being the top fashion and empowerment magazine, it is published or e-magazine subscriptions are ideal exclusively for communities inspiring body positivity. We are here to spread self-love and help the communities to embrace themselves in the most fun, fashionable and creative way. This is a quarterly magazine and newsletters are released on a monthly basis. There are 7 sections in the magazine and a cover story for each category. First edition was launched on September 30th 2020.

Badass Nation Forum to Specifically Focus at Curvy Women and Those Who Need Support from Society

Our forum specifically focuses at Plus, Curvy, LGBTQIA, Ageless and differently-abled models and achievers. We create opportunities for talents through magazines and tie up with India’s renowned fashion shows to spread awareness and show their worth to the world.

Simply browse e Magazine for curvy women or get e-magazine subscription and stay tuned with the women in society, who are like you.