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Gay Fashion E-magazine

For gay partners and a single person, knowing about what is going on in their personal world is much more important than anything else. They wish to keep pace with fashion and trends or want to know about lifestyle changes. They want to share their experiences, wish to know from experts, and everything about the gay community.

Badassnation – Perfectly Imperfect, is the right platform – the popular Gay lifestyle magazine – fulfilling your desire of everything. Gay e magazine is published by keeping in mind that empowerment comes from self-love. They are here to let you know about you, your life, and how beautiful you are. You will get creative ideas, know about new fashion – irrespective of what your age, sexuality, size, or color or disability that will never come between what one aspires to do.

Join our community that reinforces body positivity. Through Gay Lifestyle Magazine, we want you to find the strength in being confident in your body.

You may see most media and fashion industry – propagating the notion that large sizes being imperfect. The challenges exist on how such a major portion of the population is still ignored and the platforms to promote fashion, lifestyle and well-being in the curvy category that is still rare.

Plus size models are still not put in their main covers despite the growing voice of the curvy industry. On the other side, slim models are on the limelight. In addition to this, there is very little or no representation of the LGBTQ Community.

We have a pool of talented designers, artists and models – believe in empowering them in the fashion industry through gay fashion magazine and gay lifestyle magazine – Badassnation.

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For Gay partners and those, who want to know about their life, lifestyle and fashion, Badassnation is the right Gay fashion and Gay lifestyle magazine. Gay E-Magazine from Badassnation is also available. You have to subscribe it by simply filling in an online form that includes Name and Email Address.

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